Friday, February 29, 2008

Camdyn's Ladybug

I painted this for little miss Camdyn Porter. Her room is done it ladybugs. I ran across this picture on the internet and just had to paint it for her room!

Cindy's Halloween Canvas

This was one of my first paintings. I did this for Mama Cindy! Hope you liked it!


This canvas was a gift to my friend for Christmas! She made me this awesome tree done in silver for my present! I thought this was a different twist on the traditional snowman. I do this snowman and a Frosty snowman (I will post a pic of a Frosty later). I can do others, but those two are just my favorites..... Hope you guys are still enjoying this one!

Gingerbread Man

My kitchen is decorated in gingerbread at Christmas time. So this year, I added to my decorations with this! I loved it!

Mrs. April's Order

April, your order is almost finished! I just have to put the ribbon on and finish your snowman! Mrs. April Farless wanted some paintings for her classroom and her home. She already has a snowman from me, and I am finishing up the one for her classroom. These three are her summer and spring ones. Eventually, I am going to offer a seasons pack which will include a canvas for each season. These are two of the designs you will be able to choose from. I will get the other two up soon. Let me know if you would be interested in this package!

Steel Magnolias

I heard this quote while I was watching one of my favorite movies one night and thought it would be cute to put on a canvas. This is available for purchase if you're interested.

Rachel's Dots

Rachel..... This is for you. This quote fits you so well! lol. I love you and you know it! I just like to pick on ya! Sorry the picture is so blurry! Hope you enjoy it (if you ever come pick it up!)

Princess Riley

This canvas is for Courtney Oleksik. She told me that little miss Riley looooves princess stuff. So Courtney asked if I could make her a canvas with a crown on it. Here it is Courtney! Hope you like it! I can't wait to make one for the new addition!!!

Crazy for Paisley

This is my favorite one so far. I did it a few months ago, and just haven't been able to part with it yet. It took me so long and turned out so different, that I think I have some kind of emotional attachment to it! ha ha... If you are interested in this piece, please contact me. I can also put a name in the center of the big paisley.

Little Tristan Carter

I did this canvas for my friend Kristin. Her sister is due with her first born soon and his room is decorated in Winnie the Pooh. I was nervous about painting a pooh, but it turned out better than I was expecting! Hope she liked it Kristin!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

First Post!

So.... This is numero uno for me! I am new at this and still not sure what I am doing. I just wanted to start a site where I can display paintings I have done for my close friends and family. I really enjoy this whole painting thing. It started out as something to add some spice to my Christmas decorations.... and grew from there. So I just thought this was a good way to show it off!