Thursday, April 30, 2009

A MUCH Needed Update!

Ok. So, it has been months since my last post. I promise I will try to do better!

The biggest news for this post is that Chad and I are expecting!! I'm 10 weeks and am due the day before Thanksgiving... Yea, I'll be the big turkey this year. lol. Hailey is getting married in October as well, so that's exciting too! And to make it even more fun, I, as her maid of honor, will be 8, yes big as a cow, months prego. How will that dress ever fit me?! I'm sure we'll figure something out.... like I'll just wear a tent! ;)

And my little man Carter turned one yesterday! I love that kid and hope he had the best birthday ever! Tara, we GOTTA do dinner soon! lol

My dad will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow! Happy birthday to him!!!

Let's see..... what else can I blab about? OH! I have been trying to buy a house forever it seems! Tomorrow I go to pay my deposit!!!! My loan is good to go so we just have to get an appraisal! YAY! Pray for us and that we get it!!!

Well, this is alot of talking for me so I'll stop here! And I promise to blog again soon!


*TARA* said...

I about fell over! Monica blogged! LOL. i'm So excited about that house. My nosy butt has wanted to see the inside of it ever since I first laid eyes on it. House warming party!!! Dinner Definitely Wednesday. Love you!!!

Ashley said...

YYAAYY!! i am so excited you blogged. I can not wait to see you pregnant, you are gonna be the cutest most stylish preggo person ever :).
love you girl
where have you been? :(

Patty's Stitches said...

I love your paintings! Beautiful details.